About this watch

This is one of the most important Omegas ever made, it was the climax of their quartz watch making, the most accurate Omega ever made and amongst the most accurate watches ever made, accurate to 1 second per month and made way back when in the early 1970's!

This watch is a calibre 1510, realised in circa 1973/4, the watch came in a very similar case to the famous Marine Chronometer but without the plaque and 14K bezel, available in Stainless Steel or 18 carat gold and with basically the same movement!

The Calibre 1510 was most famously produced with an aventurine crystal dial, nicknamed the ‘Stardust’. The watch came in a number of variations of dials: stardust (silver and gold), waffle dial in black, blue and brown and electric blue dial, by far the rarest of the production models was the electric blue dial, which changes colour in the light and goes from dark metallic blue to almost metallic grey dependant on the light condition.

The total production run of calibre 1510 was also 1000 units, around 800 of which were produced in stainless steel with a variety of dials and 200 were produced in solid 18 carat gold (weighing over 200 grams) with either stardust or electric blue dials, there were less than 200 of the blue dials produced.

The original list price in 1974 for a calibre 1510 was £604 in stainless steel and £3275 in 18 carat gold, by contract the Moonwatch was £134!

The watch is as good as they come, it has had a fresh battery, is in perfect condition and work exactly as it should be. It is in close to new condition, the dial (unlike many we have seen) is absolutely flawless, the case is crisp and the strap is a correct, new old stock Omega shark skin, which will fit from as a small as a 6-inch wrist to as large as a 9 inch wrist.

These watches simply are one of the most remarkable timepieces ever made and this example is the best out there.

You may have guessed already we are big fans of these and personally believe they are one of the most undervalues watches available ,this wont last much longer !

our stock number T172