About this watch

Before I give you the facts and figures on this outstanding piece please let me tell you of a recent conversation I had with a client of mine ,she was disappointed I hadn't found her anything "special" for a while and I admitted real life had been getting in the way however I was now refocused on my passion and was pleased to report that I had some outstanding pieces due in!

And so it begins

This watch is one of only two know prototypes produced by Omega, the other is in the hands of a well know Australian Omega Collector. It is believed this watch was produced as a ‘dealer sample’ prior to the commercial release to test an alternative case design for the Megaquartz and/ or the Marine Chronometer.

The watch has a bespoke Stainless Steel case, with a prototype 000 Omega 1510/11 movement. The movement shares all the same components as the production watch so you can be sure it will continue to run at 1 second per month (yes 1 second per month) for decades to come.

The watch is one of the rarest and most important Omegas ever made, it is the prototype of perhaps one of their most famous wrist watches and one of only two known to exist, not even the Omega museum have one in their inventory.

The Megaquartz F2,4Mhz is without doubt one of the important Omegas ever made, it was the climax of their quartz watch making, the most accurate Omega ever made and amongst the most accurate watches ever made, accurate to 1 second per month and made way back when in the early 1970's!

The watch was developed by Omega in circa 1970 at the cost of 30,000,000CHF and astronomical amount of money at the time, their sole aim to make the most accurate watch ever made, not only did they achieve this but to this day some 45 years later it remains one of the most accurate watches of all time.

They only produced 1000 calibre 1510 watches and 1000 calibre 1511 Marine Chronometers, when new the original list price in 1974 for a calibre 1510 was £604 in stainless steel and £3275 in 18 carat gold, by contract the Moonwatch was £134!

The watch has had a fresh battery, is in perfect condition and work exactly as it should be. It is in close to new condition, it has a few light marks but other than that is flawless, a true investment piece and one of a kind, it really is the ultimate Omega.

These watches simply are one of the most remarkable timepieces ever made and this example is the rarest of the rare.

our stock number T170