About this watch

The Omega Seamaster 600 or PloProf is one of the most iconic diver watches of all time, made famous in the 1970’s for being worn by Jacques Cousteau and his team as part of their deep sea explorations. The watch was designed specifically as a professional divers watch and as such was quickly adopted by commercial dive companies throughout the world.

The watch was introduced in the early 1970’s and was a true revolution for Omega, not only trebling the pressure of their previous Professional watch the Seamaster 300 (water resistant to 200 meters) but also innovative in its design and its construction. The watch was never designed to be understated, it was designed with a professional function in mind, it is hewn from a single piece of milled stainless steel and has a front loading case design with a very thick crystal. This unique feature gave it a depth rating of 600 M but in reality the prototypes withstood double this pressure.

The watch was produced throughout the 1970’s in various forms, this one being the MK 111 as denoted by the dial and bezel configuration, it truly is a piece of watch making history. This one unlike so many retains its original dial and bezel, it has had tritium service hands at some point in it’s life. The case is in excellent condition, it was refinished at Omega at some point in the last ten years and has been done to a very high standard. The bezel release function (which works by depressing the huge red button) is working as it should and the watch is keeping excellent time.

This is a true icon of Omega watch making and a true icon of design, this is a rare opportunity to buy and example with an original dial and bezel and in very good unmolested condition.

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