About this watch

Firstly, let me clarify the use of the nickname Flat Jedi and likewise the incorrect use of the name.
The Late great Chuck Maddox was a very highly regarded expert on Vintage omega chronographs in fact I would go so far as to say the expert ! as well as being a great source for factual information he also had a habit of giving nicknames to various models Anakin skywalker ,Darth Vader being other highly prized examples and this the 145.024 Seamaster running the cal 861 movement.
During the catalogue production of the Omega Mania auction in 2007 someone made an error and referred to another completely different Seamaster ref 145.0024 as a Jedi and since then some dealers incorrectly refer to that model or a 176,006 as a Jedi all other examples are WRONG
So now that’s cleared up here we have a very nice example of the correct Jedi in the pilot line case with sunburst lapped finish and crisp polished edges ,the case on this example shows slight signs of wear but it is far better that than having been badly polished as with so many other examples I have seen.
This watch dates from 1971 and shares the same Lemania-based 861 movement of the Speedmaster of the same era. The dial layout is very similar too, except that the TACHYMETER markings are on the dial itself rather than on a bezel, and the sub-dials are “radial” in the way the numbering is printed, rather than all the numbers being “upright” as they are in Speedmaster.
To finish this lovely piece is a virtually unworn genuine Omega sports strap and stainless-steel buckle
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