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OK so let’s talk about the elephant in the room, this isn’t a watch for everyone and I am far too polite to publish my wife's comments the first time she saw a Plo Prof .However isn’t it the very fact that not everyone appreciates it that makes classic vintage timepiece special to someone else. Although the appeal to collectors a plo prof has is much than just its looks.

The Seamaster 600 professional to give it its full title was released for general sale in 1971, designed to meet the need of saturation divers in fact its name Plo Prof comes from the French Plongeur Professional (professional diver).In particular the leading Deep dive company in the world COMEX ,many readers will be familiar with the name and huge difference it has to the value when printed on the dial of a Rolex Sea dweller. Rolex were also commissioned by Comex to manufacture a watch that could not only survive the extreme pressures experienced working at such depths but also the trip back to the surface and more particularly dealing with the issue created by the Build up of Helium gases and pressure it created on the watch ,in the past watches would routinely arrive back at the surface with crystals cracked or blown off.

Rolex developed a now common Helium escape valve which to be honest was ultimately more popular and won them the contract however Omega’s designers worked on creating what may well be the most durable wristwatch around, A watch so structurally sound it prevented the molecules of Helium entering the watch.

The 55 mm stainless steel case is hewn from one solid piece of stainless steel and contains a sealed in 4 mm sapphire crystal not to mention the bomb proof locking crown guard!

The example I have to offer you today is in superb all original condition including the very hard to find original B1 type bezel and comes on an original tropic strap, If you look very closely you will see the bezel has a small crack around the 25 minute marker but I would rather see this and have the original bezel than replace it with a later service bezel as so many others have.

Including omega mesh bracelet

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