About this watch

Seventies styling is definitely gaining popularity with collectors and that is having a positive effect on prices which is why I am delighted to be able to offer this Seamaster chronograph at such great value.

The 42 mm stainless steel case features the bold lines so characteristic of the designs of the era and the deep case features an internal tachymeter bezel. The case style is often referred to as TV case as it so resembles the old tv’s of the seventies

This is a watch that often carries the name Jedi in descriptions a point of confusion worth clearing up ,it is not the watch given that name by the late chuck Maddox which was actually the cal 861 ,none the less this piece running the great cal 1040 is very special in its own right.

The cal 1040 automatic was the first automatic chronograph Omega produced.

This example dates to c 1972 and is in stock ready for worldwide shipping

Our stock number 939