About this watch

 The Omega F300 was introduced in the early 1970’s by Omega as a flagship range-topper. The watch itself was a revolutionary tour de force, effectively a mechanical chronometer but without a balance, this being replaced by an intricate tuning fork mechanism controlled by a battery.

These watches were very expensive when new and this was reflected in the build quality, they are very robust in terms of construction. In addition, extensive consideration was given to the design, Omega wanted the F300 range to stand out and whilst they produce a wider variety of configurations the ‘Cone’ is by far one of the most distinctive.

The watch is an ideal all rounder, the case is 40 mm and has a great wrist presence at the same time as being very wearable with both a suit or casually.

As with all vintage Omegas they are rapidly climbing in price and there is a growing following for the F300 range based on their exemplary build quality and landmark movement. The F300 development was one of the outstanding horological achievements of the 20th century so not only are you getting a beautiful watch that will be the envy of many but a piece of watch making history that is as accurate today as the day it as new.

This great piece has been fully serviced by independent vintage Omega specialist Simon Freese and is guaranteed until August 2019

Stock Number 629