About this watch

Without doubt this is the rarest production Omega diver watch ever made, introduced in 1984 this watch was produced for a very short period of time. Design wise it is very similar to the famous IWC Ocean 2000. It was classed as a professional diver by Omega and has the same features you would expect from a true dive watch, including domed sapphire crystal and screw down crown.

The watch is so special because of its design, the same blasted case with integral bracelet matched with the mat black dial make it a real show stopper from a design perspective. The watch is in stunning original condition, including the original chip free Omega domed crystal. The luminous material has aged to a wonderful honey patina and the watch includes its original hands, which again have aged extremely well.

This really is a beautiful piece and extremely wearable, like the IWC ocean the depth of the watch is only 8 mm but the considerable 40 mm case makes it extremely comfortable and wearable.

 A truly unique find and a very rare beast, we have only ever seen two others in ten years of collecting watches.


Stock Number 812