About this watch

The Omega Seamaster SMF300 was introduced in the early 1970’s as a semiprofessional divers watch and was amongst Omegas flagship range of watches. When news these watches were £144.50 compared to the Moonwatch at £124.50, the build quality was reflected in the price.

What makes the watches special is their ‘tuning fork’ movement, known as the Omegas mosaba movement a mechanical movement which ran on a battery and was controlled by tuning forks which vibrated at a frequency of 300 Hz

The movement was made under licence by Bulova, the chronograph version then adapted with basically and extra 'layer' for the chronograph operation. The movement in this watch was known as the Mosaba meaning 'montre sans balancier' translates for 'watch with no balance'

These are becoming increasingly rare and desirable watches, they are fast appreciating in value and finding good examples is harder and harder. This example is not just good it is near new, it comes with all boxes and papers. They were made in a number of variations, most noticeably with integrated bracelets or with interchangeable bracelets. This example is the much rarer version with interchangeable bracelets and comes with its original stainless steel band along with its original factory option tropic band.

This is an outstanding watch and truly wearable whilst still having a real vintage aesthetic. Divers watches are extremely popular at the moment and why waste your money on a Rolex or modern Omega you will see on ten others people’s wrist when you can invest in an appreciating asset like this one and have peace of mind that its highly unlikely you will ever see anyone else wearing one

stock number 479