About this watch

The Speedmaster 125 is one of the most iconic Omega watches of the 1970’s, produced in 2000 pieces to mark the 125th Anniversary of Omega they spared no expense on this watch, every part of it is unique and not shared with any other Omega. The case is a huge, its two piece stainless steel with an integral bracelet, the dial is made specifically for this watch, with applied 125 logo (to indicate the anniversary) and the movement is also unique to this watch, being the first automatic chronometer chronograph ever made.

This is a remarkable watch, it is sure to appreciate in value considering the limited production run and how rapidly all Speedmaster variants are increasing in value, a remarkable watch and a true design and style, don’t believe us, well BMW’s chief designer wears one!

The Speedmaster 125 also has space provenance, being worn by USSR Cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov when he worse one for 145 days in space and over 16 hours space walking. These are remarkable watches and a must have for any serious watch collector, with a wrist presence like the one this beauty has it will be the centre point of any conversation and the envy of your friends.

This genuinely is one of the best example's of one of the most iconic and rare Omega Speedmasters ever made,

Please do not compare this spectacular piece with anything else on the market ,this example was fully serviced by Omega in 2016 and the invoice from Omega was over £700 .

The watch is completely original and the Lume has aged to a wonderful creamy colour .

This set includes the Omega archive document confirming delivery date as 1976,Omega service receipt,Omega instruction manual and Omega service delivery pouch.

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