About this watch

The Speedmaster 125 was world’s first automatic chronometer when it was launched in 1973 but this is also the watch that omega chose to celebrate its 125th year of watch making a massively important event and for Omega the very limited number produced of only 2000 watches.

The watch was a real change in direction for Omega in regards to their styling and design, it had a huge wrist presence and was one of the first of a range of Speedmaster models to have the movement protected by a inner case which was slotted in to a large outer case and gave additional shock absorption .

The value of all Speedmaster models is increasing exponentially and with a limited run of reportedly only 2000 pieces this should make this a must have for any collector interested in Omega or more specifically the famous Speedmaster models.

The Speedmaster 125 was also used in space, following its brother into orbit for no less than 145 days on the wrist of the soviet astronaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov

Make no mistake this is a significant watch and it demonstrates this with its enormous case hewn from a solid block of stainless steel measuring 40 mm across excluding crown and pushers it also has a depth of over 14 mm

 A remarkable watch dating from 1974 and a true design and style icon, don’t believe us, well BMW’s chief designer wears one!

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