About this watch

OK so if I was lazy I could copy the wording from the other 67 I have just loaded but wheres the fun in that !

Honestly these watches arrived within 24 hours of each other and both from the same part of the UK and in such great condition that I couldn't turn either of them down .

As mentioned previously the 145 -12.67 is a highly prized reference for collectors and much harder to find than the later 145 022's or ironically than the earlier ed whites and yet they remain at this moment still great value .

This piece differs slightly from my other example in that it still retains the earlier chronograph hand which is correct and in my opinion the DON Bezel on this watch is one of the best available on any watch for sale at the moment and I have already turned down in excess of £3000 just for the bezel ,I really do worry that these great watches are in danger of just being broken up for bits .

Any way I also fitted this great example to a period correct Corfam strap and Omega buckle ,

Mechanically the watch has been to Simon Freese to check and although he regulated it he confirmed it had been professionally serviced recently so needed nothing doing.

i doubt better is available anywhere so please be quick

our stock number 682