About this watch

The title moon watch is to me still moving  and I have said it many times before but please even if you dont buy one at least take two minutes from you busy life and read my little piece written about a watch of the same series as this piece which I sold to a lucky new owner some time ago  https://thewatchcollector.co.uk/storybook/1971-omega-speedmaster-professional/

This piece I offer you now is a really good example and shows the best of the classic moon watch feature including the original stepped dial which is becoming harder to find as many have been replaced with later service dials .

The case has maintained its important sharp lugs and to me looks unpolished and the case back carries the famous inscription Flight qualified by NASA for all manned space missions ,The first watch worn on the moon -I challenge you to find a cooler watch !

Those of you that know me already know I am a fan of the period correct Corfam strap and those that dont know me take a look at the rest of the Speedies I have on offer and I am probably guilty of possibly over using them but to wear they are just so comfy and I think they complement the watch perfectly and also wear far better than the utility steel bracelets of the period

This is great value and a very fast appreciating watch


Stock Number 514