About this watch

It is a well-documented fact that the Omega Speedmaster ref 2998 was the very first watch worn in space, Wally Schirra in October 1962 has that honour and in my opinion this is the best looking Speedmaster produced, the combination of Alpha hour and minute hands and drop counter weight chrono hand complement each other superbly.

The dial on this stunning watch from 1961/62 is absolutely remarkable and the stainless-steel case retains it great shape although at some point in the last nearly 60 years I am sure it will have had some light polishing.

The cal 321 movement is in the correct 18 million range for this watch and dates the piece to exactly the right age and performs superbly.

This great watch is further enhanced by the fact its fitted to a very hard to find 7077/7912 transitional bracelet and all original no 4 end links

This watch is no safe queen and shows it has been worn during the last 50 odd years and in my opinion is better for that fact