About this watch

I am fortunate to have owned a few of these pieces and each time I do I always  regret parting with them , I cant help but wonder how many owners of Speedmasters have never had the pleasure of observing the engineering marvel that has done so much and been so far

Originally produced in the early from 1989 through to 1995 to celebrate the Apollo XI moon landing this piece has survived in stunning condition even the 1479 bracelet shows very little wear the serial number on this movement commence with 48306 which indicates that this piece was from the earliest production run in 1989

The dial type C 3 also verifies this as one of the earliest and rarest of this series which is again further enhanced by the Bezel type  B 2 used right from the early 70's until this model very rare on this production run

The watch is in great shape although sadly the same cannot be said for the inner box which suffers from the degradation of the lining seen on so many although on a plus it does have the original Omega book in Italian

our stock number 761