About this watch

Most frequent visitors to this site know I am a self confessed fan of most things Speedmaster related although even I can feel  a bit let down by yet another Speedmaster ltd edition which is literally the same as a " normal " production model but for a red hand and yet instantly twice the price !

This is why I am in love with this watch a ltd edition Speedmaster launched to commemorate the Apollo 15 mission launched in 1971 ,engraved with the names of the astronauts manned that mission ,Scott ,Worden and Irwin also on the case back is the serial number /1971 which signifies the ltd edition run ltd to 1971 pieces .This piece was produced in 2006 to mark the 35th anniversary of that mission and in my opinion the designers got this watch absolutely spot on the use of pink gold on the sundials ,bezel and crowns ect really set this piece apart .

Anyone looking for a Speedmaster with real standout features I am delighted to recommend this piece to although part of me hopes no one takes me up on this to soon 

Our stock number 827