About this watch

Its hard to imagine a time when Omega didn’t release a ltd edition of the iconic Speedmaster watch with alarming frequency however what I have here is the watch that is largely responsible for this phenomenon.

1989 was the year the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of the famous moon landings and to mark that event Omega launched a 20th anniversary watch ,this quite low key event was initially aimed at the USA market with a number release of just 2000 and this piece I have for you is one of that 1st edition ,number 1038 to be precise the case for this edition was engraved individually on the side this edition was followed up by an numbered edition produced on much higher quantities for the rest of the world.

This watch is a must have for any collector of ltd edition speedmasters and this example is in terrific condition showing almost no wear.

The watch comes with the correct 1479 Bracelet and warranty and cal 861 booklets and the very desirable hard wood case with Speedmaster medallion embedded on the lid along with the significant moments outer box

Our stock number 884