About this watch

This has got to be one of the rarest production Speedmasters we have listed on our site and one of the most unique Omegas ever made. So we know this is one genuinely rare Speedmaster but but what’s better it’s a birth year this year watch, they were made excliusively in 1977 and 1978 and this example dates to the first quarter of 1978.

The watch movement is correct and original 1620 which is serviced and fully overhauled, even the light works! The case has not been touched as it was obviously as NOS and as such basically unworn). There are a few light marks on the case back from storage and possibly someone trying to open the back at some point but nothing that detracts.

The watches movement is calibre 1620, not to be confused in any way shape or form with modern LCD movements. This movement has a circa 5 SPM accuracy as a result of a high quality 32Khz quartz resonator. The functions on the watch (which all work as they should) include:

• Time/hour/minutes/seconds and day of week
• 1/100 second chronograph able to accumulate to 0.1 seconds off 24 hrs
• Split second chronograph
• Lap time
• Split/Stop of 2 consecutive times
• Separately power light (working as it should)
• Calendar programmed for leap year

This really is a special watch, there where very few of this type of Omega Speedmaster made (which where hugely expensive when new) and even fewer have survived unworn and functioning correctly, especially in this configuration. This is a must for any budding Speedmaster collector, it has all the functions of a modern digital chronograph but knowing that it is without doubt one of the best, rarest and most important LCD watches ever made.

our stock number 667