About this watch

If there was a watch that was on the cusp of rocketing in value it is the Omega Speedmaster Professional MKII., they have already risen in value in the last 24 months by circa 30%. The watch was introduced in 1969 and it was intended as the replacement for the original Speedmaster (ironic as both watches are still being manufactured, although the MKII is a re-addition)


MKII was very much ‘of its time’ in terms of design and has been emulated by several other manufacturers since. the MKII was the first watch to use Omega famous ‘pilot line case’ it was hewn from a huge chunk of solid stainless steel with starburst finish on the case it had a real wrist presence. The case had a totally new and innovative design with the crystal being integral and flush to the case with the tachymeter bezel being incorporated to the crystal.

The condition of this piece is fantastic, the case shows the distinct factory polished bevels with crisp sharp edges and the top of the case displays the starburst finish and the dial is all original and untouched

The movement is pristine and dates to 1970. If you want a stunning example of the now 50-year-old iconic then look no further.

Possibly a great 50th gift for someone born in 1970.

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