About this watch

The Mk11 racing dial Speedmaster is not only a great vintage Speedmaster to wear but also a superb investment opportunity, in my opinion it has everything going for it not least the famous Speedmaster pedigree but also the beautiful dial with its colourful highlights

The watch was introduced in 1969 and this example is one of the first. It was intended as the replacement for the original Speedmaster. The case had a totally new and innovative design with the crystal being integral and flush to the case with the tachymeter bezel being incorporated to the crystal.

The colourful racing dial is extremely eye catching and highly prized, the case on this excellent piece has its crisp edges rather than having been badly polished like so many on the market.

This excellent example returned from Omega workshop in December 2019 after having a complete service on the cal 861 movement and so comes with the balance of the Omega 2-year guarantee giving you complete piece of mind and modern reliability whilst maintaining its vintage charm. Fortunately, whilst at the Omega workshop the case dial and hands where left original so the case retains its crisp edges and is fitted to the original Omega steel bracelet.

The movement is pristine and dates to 1969. If you want a stunning example of the now 50-year-old iconic then look no further.

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