About this watch

Ok so a  Speedmaster manufactured during the moon landing period is a must in everyone’s collection in my humble opinion and to be honest there is still a fair choice available although to find a special one is very hard and this example I have warrants more than a passing gaze.

What makes this a standout piece is the Blue bezel which I can only hope is picked up in our photographs as it really does transform the look of this watch completely. The bezel is also one of the very hard to find 220 misprints making this a highly desirable piece and very valuable just for the bezel alone

The watch is no safe queen and shows honest signs of wear although the case retains its important crisp lines

The cal 861 movement has been recently serviced, keeps great time and all functions perform as they should and the serial date this piece to 1970

I have fitted this piece to a very special period correct NOS vintage Rodania sports strap which works brilliantly with the watch and the Blue colour is a perfect match for the bezel

The watch dates to c 1970 so makes a perfect 50th birthday gift

The case back as you will see  carries and engraving which leads me to believe the watch was presented as a gift or reward for services during a festival in Venezuela during 1972

In stock and ready for worldwide shipping

Our stock number 1116