About this watch

I am pleased to offer you yet another great Speedmaster find from circa this delightful piece made all the more exceptional by the addition of the incredibly rare Omega Speedmaster Moon crater box which itself was only available for a very short period of time and complete with its original 1039 bracelet with correct 516 end links and correctly dated 4/69 .

The whole watch is of the highest quality and has been fully serviced by UK vintage Omega expert Simon Freese

The 145.022-69 was in production for the period from 1969 through to 1971 so right in the middle of the moon landings and it was to celebrate that remarkable achievement that Omega released the "mooncrater " Box using an image taken from that first mission

I am happy to sell the watch without the Moon crater box but if you are looking for a truly exceptional display piece then look no further

I can only imagine the demand for pieces like this next July when the whole world will be talking about the remarkable achievement of July 1969!

our stock number 549