About this watch

The Speedmaster is one of the most iconic watches ever made and one of the most historic watches of the 20th century, being issued to NASA and worn by all astronauts right up until today.

This is one of the rarer executions of the famous ‘moonwatch’, the 145.012-67, it was the first of the now famous case design, which differed from the first Speedmaster by the addition of pusher and crown guards. This example dates from 1968 and was released alongside the famous ‘Ed White’ Speedmaster, ultimately this model’s popularity saw it and later models replacing the ‘Ed White’

The original applied logo stepped dial is superb with the original luminous material still present the movement is Omega’s famous manual winding 321 movement, correct and original to the watch .

The watch benefits from the different look given to it by way of the decimal bezel, which is  a nice change .

Fitted to a quality grey suede padded strap  and being one of the rarer executions it is a sure-fire investment opportunity.

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