About this watch

Originally designed to be an officially endorsed tribute to the famous cartoon character Tin Tin and bearing his image on the dial, sadly that project   never went ahead due to negotiations breaking down between the Herge family and Omega 

And so Omega decided to push ahead with the production of this watch which bears a striking resemblance to the hugely expensive original racing dial Speedmaster ,this model unlike so many other limited edition Speedmasters is  a true moon watch even down to the hesalite crystal 

The Speedmaster is one of the most iconic watches of the 20th century and the limited editions of the last twenty years have risen rapidly in value over the last couple of years, the TinTin is no exception and as these iconic pieces become scarcer they are hotly tipped to soar to great heights possibly even emulating the Snoopy which now see values in excess of £10,000 for average pieces

This is an unworn example of a stunning limited edition Speedmaster which has to be  a sure fire investment for the future Whilst also being a delight to wear and a great talking point 

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