About this watch

Please pause for a moment and consider that this time piece was produced with the sole purpose of assisting mans quest for space exploration !

After 5 years of development and testing which are far to extensive for me to list here and  I guess no one reading this will ever put this watch through its paces ! The watch was developed specifically for and at the request of NASA as the next germination of Space watch, so successful was it that it was instantly adopted by NASA and numerous airforces around the world.

The watch was developed with an array of functions that include an 80 decibel alarm and was and remains a true technological step forward for both Omega and the Swiss watch industry, a true engineering marvel steeped in modern history and also nicknamed the Mars watch ,how cool do you want .

The watch itself is from circa 1998 and is in absolutely mint condition and virtually unworn and when you consider that the strap alone in this condition would sell for £1000 this is possibly the best value watch available today and will almost certainly increase in collectability

our stock number 493