About this watch

This is a very rare and increasingly valuable watch, the Omega Speedmaster ‘Speedsonic’

The watch is excellent original condition. This is an absolutely lovely example of an Omega Speedmaster Speedsonic, probably one of the rarest of Omega chronographs and rarest Speedmaster models.

The Omega Speedmaster 'Speedsonic' was introduced in the early 1970's as Omegas flagship chronograph, considerably more expensive than the moon watch or other Omega chronographs and the only one (other than the limited edition Speedy 125) that was Chronometer certified. The Speedsonic was an adaptation of Omegas mosaba movement or as we know it the F300, a mechanical movement which ran on a battery and was controlled by tuning forks which vibrated at a frequency of 300Hz

The movement was made under licence by Bulova, the chronograph version then adapted with basically and extra 'layer' for the chronograph operation. The movement in this watch was known as the Mosaba  meaning 'montre sans balancier' translates for 'watch with no balance'

This particular type, the Cal 9210, which has a chronograph module atop the generic oscillator module of the 9162/4 and a modified drivetrain module. The chronograph module was developed in secret by Dubois Dépraz at the behest of ESA and was caused quite a stir when launched 1972 as the worlds first electronic Chronograph

The Speedsonic was made in a few variations, most well known is the standard cushion case Speedsonic which came in SS or Gold plate with a number of dial variations. There were only 10000 9210’s made in total production, when new these where flagship chronographs, costing 1/3rd more than the range topping flightmaster and Speedmaster Professional ‘moonwatch’.

The watch is in remarkable condition, the case is completely original and has never been refinished. The case back is also completely original with very clear hippocampus

The movement is running exactly as it should and all functions working perfectly.

This watch represents a true milstone in both watch making and Omega’s history, it was the first Chronometer Chronograph produced by the company and the worlds first electronic chronograph.

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