About this watch

This is a very special and rare 1978 Omega white gold filled ‘Time Computer 1’ LED and represents an extremely important part of Omega's watch making history in that it was their first ever digital watch. Not only extremely expensive to develop but also astronomically expensive to buy when new, it was absolutely their range topping watch.

The watch is in nearly new condition, it is only showing the very lightest signs of wear.  The module has been serviced and overhauled at Strikes and Spares.  This is not a cheap generic replacement module it is the original Omega cal 1600 series with updated circuit (giving better battery life) and comes with a full 12 month warranty.

I have to be honest, I've seen very few of these Time Computer 1’s in White gold fill. You can’t find them without noticeable damage (normally the case and crystal are very poor ) or without fault. This one is not only in near new condition but also works exactly as it should.

Digital technology has now become common place but when introduced this was absolutely revolutionary, the build quality was of the highest standard and testament to these watches is that after 45 years it is still going as well as the day it was made. Spares for these are readily available and they are a true piece of watch making history and innovative design.

The Omegas Time Computer 1 (and Hamilton version the QED) were famously worn by Tele Savalas when playing the TV cop ‘Kojak’.  Other famous owners included Ringo Star and Mick Jagger - this is exactly that same watch.

The watch is present with box and original papers and the original guarantee confirming it was sold in 1978.

These time computers are rapidly appreciating investments, watches like this which were sub £1000 two years ago are now regularly commanding £2000+ on auction sites.

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