About this watch

This is an extremely rare variation of the famous Omega Bullhead, one of Omegas most iconic chronographs of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Bullhead was introduced in 1969 and had an extremely limited production run, partly because the design was quite revolutionary for the time and sales where slow and partly because it was introduced as a Niche chronograph as part of the Seamaster/ Geneve line of watches. The watch was also remarkable in that it used a caliber 930 movement, developed from the 860 but only used for this one production run in 1969 and only used in two watches, unlike the 321 or 861 movement, which were used across the entire chronograph range.

Like most Omega chronographs of the time the Bullhead was produced under license by Lemania (who also made all of the Speedmasters). Lemania produced variants of the Bullhead in identical cases with identical movements but branded under their own brand of Lemania, they also made them for Bucherer. By far the rarest of these executions was the Richard version, this is the second example for sale in the last four years.

The watch is completely new old stock, it has not been worn and still retains its factory applied ‘zappon’ protective coating. Other than the design of the case the stand out feature is the remarkable dial which is distinctive in black and white.

The Omega version of these watches is amongst the most prized Omega chronograph of the period, so much so that Omega re-released the watch in 2012, there is no better testament to the desirability than that. To find a Richard example is extremely rare, do not miss this once in a blue moon opportunity to own this remarkable and distinctive piece of watch making history.

Stock number 480