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To a great many collectors of vintage wristwatches the world stops at stainless steel sports pieces and although these are excellent in there own right if your intertest stops there I fear you may never share the pleasure I have when I get the chance to own what many consider to be the most desirable Rolex day date ever produced ,I refer of course the brightly coloured highly lacquered hand finished “Stella dials” predominately from the 1970’s

The term Stella dial actually comes from the Stella company who supplied Rolex with the brightly pigmented lacquer, Rolex then finished each individual dial by hand building up the layers of lacquer to create these masterpieces.

As with many Rolex pieces at the time of production the Stella dials were far from a raging success and like Daytona’s and the Explorer 1655 they have only gained popularity in more recent times and like the other pieces mentioned it is lack of initial popularity that we have to thank for the scarcity of supply today.

Many different colours of dials were produced but it is documented that the rarest are the purple ,yellow and the light pink or coral .The example I have on my desk as I type is the beautiful Light pink which works so well with the yellow gold and is so in vogue now that sadly I don’t think it will be with me for a long time however I am sure that its new owner will be delighted .

As is already reported Stella dials are hard to find but to find a beautiful example that comes complete with correct punched papers showing the watch was supplied in the UK in 1976, which if I recall correctly was a brilliant long hot summer perfectly suited to bring out the best in this dial. The watch also has documents for two Rolex services in 1997 and 2007 and its original leather box.

The 36mm solid gold case is in superb sharp condition and the bracelet is in equally fine condition.

The dial appears in perfect condition when viewed with the naked eye however when viewed under magnification as with so many highly lacquered pieces you can see faint spidering under certain light conditions, but I stress this doesn’t detract from the beauty of this piece.

I am delighted to be able to offer you a stunning rare series one (pie pan) Stella dial complete with box and papers

This piece is in stock and ready for worldwide shipping.

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