About this watch

In the watch market today we’re used to brands offering Rose gold watches in their catalogs ,in fact due to the incredible demand for them many sell for incredible premiums . In the 60’s on the other hand this wasn’t the case. It was a market mainly dominated by yellow gold watches when it came to precious metal timepieces. This is a very rare Day Date in rose gold from the early 60’s. Its interesting to note that in this era Rose gold had a more subtle hue than it has today which gives this watch a more refined feel

The dial on this stunning piece has aged to a completely unique marbled effect which changes in the light.

The 36 mm Rose Gold case is still fitted to its original 18ct Rose gold bracelet a real plus as so many bracelets have been melted over the years.

This lovely vintage piece dates to c 1960 and is in stock ready for world wide delivery

Stock Number 6110