About this watch

I am delighted to be able to offer you one of the most collectible Daytona’s available today and a watch that is not only a pleasure to wear but also hotly tipped as one of the best investments on the market today.

This example from 1997 comes equipped with the highly prized Zenith cal 4030 automatic movement, however the dial is the stand out feature of this piece and in my opinion has the best colouration of any Patrizzi available I hope these images do it justice.

As many collectors are aware it’s often the errors in manufacturing process that make some pieces more desirable than others and such is the case in the Patrizzi dial, named after the famous auctioneer who discovered the irregular colouring on a low number of Daytona dials. The fault in this instance is the substance zapon contains a silver content that has allowed the subdials to turn a very desirable brown. Each watch ages differently so no two are ever identical and as previously mentioned this example is the finest currently available .

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