About this watch

I honestly believe that the Explorer 16570 is the best value Rolex available at this moment especially one as good as this .

Considering the watch was in production for more than 20 years and is renowned for its superb Build quality its surprising not more people are aware of them ,although I sense that is changing ,I also suspect that not many of its new fans will wear the watch for its original purpose of cave exploring!

It was the total overhaul of the Explorer 11 16550 with its sapphire crystal, Mercedes hands and 24 hour hand and caliber 3085 movement brought the explorer 11 into the modern age of sports Rolex which was continued when it was replaced by the 16570 as with this example which also meant the introduction of the improved cal 3185 movement.

The white dial sports watches were until recently very uncommon yet the popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed with manufactures so more are being added to the new product list .

This watch dates from 2005 and the 40mm stainless steel case is as crisp as you could possibly wish for and like all our watches it carries a full 12 months mechanical warranty

I believe this to be a great example of a Rolex sports watch that is currently a superb value proposition.

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