About this watch

Some collectors prefer the White dial explorer over the black dial option, simply based on the fact that the white dial is unlike any other Rolex sports watch currently in their watch box.  The black surrounds add immense character while enhancing the visibility of the dial.  In short, this white dial Rolex Polar is an exceptional variation of the Explorer II ref. 16570.

The explorer and explorer II are without doubt one of the fastest appreciating Rolex sports watches at the moment, for many years they went under appreciated but that is no longer the case, the combination of Sports utility with a flutter of understated individuality has made the once under valued watches climb in value and yet they remain excellent value for money

The 16570 was introduced in the late 1980’s and replaced the 16550 explorer, running Rolex’s famous Chronometer grade movement these watches where designed to replace the original 14270 explorers (although they ran alongside each other throughout their production period).

The 40mm case, Polar dial and GMT hand make them a stand out against the rest of the Rolex range and they wear incredibly well. As with all Rolex’s condition is paramount and this is one of the best out there, it has been fully serviced and overhauled at a cost of £550, which included a light refinish to a very high standard.

The example from 1996 has been fully serviced and overhauled mechanically and is in simply wonderful condition both cosmetically and mechanically. The watch benefits from its original dial and hands (tritium) which have taken on a wonderful deep cream/ light honey patina, this really makes it a stand out piece. It also comes with the original Rolex steel bracelet and a Black ABP Paris Rubber ‘R’ strap, which cost £125 each on their own, this gives you a choice of styles from the same watch

Both a sure fire investment and a great wearable sports Rolex, which you are highly unlikely to see on anyone else’s wrist. This watches successor the 216570 is owned and worn daily by Prince Harry, there isn’t much better endorsement than a Royal one.

A fantastic watch, a great investment opportunity and one of the best examples out there.

stock number 908