About this watch

I am delighted to offer you what many collectors regard as the  prototype of what  would come to be known as the Rolex Explorer in fact the ref 6150 is also known as the Pre Explorer .The early examples of the ref bore the word precision as with this piece, although this reference was the first to show the black 3-6-9 dial coupled with the Mercedes style hands which are now the accepted hallmarks for any Explorer.

The 6150 is an extremely rare reference as it was only produced for one year ,1953.the early 1950’s being a period of rapid development for Rolex ,the 6150 was replaced in the line-up by the 6350 which used the same case and A296 movement although in a slightly modified form.

This excellent example has the correct gilt chapter ring dial and the lume is a wonderful rich brown

It’s well documented that the Explorer was named to mark the achievement of Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay in climbing Everest in 1953 its worth also noting that this wasn’t a watch named just as a publicity stunt, In fact for the previous year’s Rolex had been testing different prototypes in the harsh environment of the Himalayas dealing with extremes in temperature and altitude

The 36mm stainless steel bubble back case is in great vintage condition and is fitted to a new quality brown leather strap

This very rare and highly prized piece is in stock and ready for worldwide shipping, our

stock number 6082