About this watch

The 1675 GMT Master is a classic watch and highly desirable in any format but finding an Example like this is very very hard .The watch came to me from a very fastidious collector who knew exactly what he was doing with this piece even down to finding an original Rolex T 38 crystal which for me changes the look completely by removing the cyclops which has been a source of contention with many Rolex purists .

Hopefully our photographs and videos have captured the stunning colour on the very desirable Fuchsia bezel although I still think seeing it in daylight is a real treat. I have seen lesser bezels than this selling for in excess of £3000 for the bezel alone. The bezel is a perfect match for the original MK V dial which has rich creamy tritium lume.

The 40 mm stainless steel case is crisp and clearly defined as is the correct Jubilee bracelet which is full size. Although you will see on some pictures I have fitted a high quality Italian handmade Alligator black strap which I think works equally well with the watch and I can include if required .

The watch serial is in the 5.5 Million range and so date this GMT to 1977/78

This lovely example of a highly desirable vintage sports Roles is in stock and ready for worldwide shipping

Our stock number 1007