About this watch

This  beautiful and very uncommon Rolex Oyster from c 1952 is rare in many ways firstly the dial features two highly prized elements the  honey comb pattern finish and the second is the early "explorer" numerals layout whether this is an early prototype of that later famous model can only be speculated at ,however it was only the next year that Sir Edmund Hilary made his famous expedition and he was accompanied by the watch that was to become the explorer model even though it didn't bear the name explorer

Condition wise this extraordinary piece is aged extremely well and I believe it to be entirely original which again makes it an exceptional find even the exquisite leaf shaped hands are correct for the period and lets not forget this watch is 65 years old

The 34 mm case carries the markings Brevet 6282 clearly marked between the lugs at 12.00 and the serial 868--- between the lugs at 6.00

A terrific vintage watch from the world most famous manufacturer and extremely affordable when compared to its big brothers

And now just back from a complete service by vintage timepiece  expert Simon Freese so guaranteed until Aug 2019

Stock Number 508