About this watch

Any past visitor to my site will know that far from being a huge faceless company The Watch Collector is an individual and I still love what I do and hugely appreciate the support from my clients as thats what enables me to pursue my passion .

Many people would look at a mechanical hand wound Rolex form 1969 and see a relic that has no use in a modern world where a cheap quartz watch can feature numerous must have features without any need to be checked daily and it is exactly that point that is why I love this watch ,The hand wound Oyster date precision is arguably the simplest watch in The Rolex range ,Its not a brash upstart but more the refined character that sits quietly in a room but with an air of confidence thats unmistakable .

The 34 mm stainless steel case with classic silver dial decorated by simple baton markers is suitable for any occasion .

For me 3 features make this watch stand out from the crowd ,Firstly It still has the original Rolex riveted steel bracelet which is full size so this watch will fit anyone.Secondly it is still housed in the original Rolex box ,please note that the box  itself is highly collectable as the inside cover has the unusual description of an oysterdate specifications.Lastly the original stamped documents show that this watch was originally supplied from The NAAFI Headquarters in Singapore so a nice addition for a military collector. 

Oh and being manufactured in 1969 it would Oslo make a great 50th birthday gift for that special some one .

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