About this watch


The Rolex Oysterquartz is the only Rolex Oyster ever produced with a quartz movement, like all Rolex’s they didn’t do things by halves, these watches had one of the most robust and high-end quartz movements ever developed. Rolex took five years to develop the 5055 movement for this watch and produced the Oysterquartz in very small number from 1977 until circa 2002.

In totality over 25 years they made less than 25000 watches, a fraction of the production numbers of their mechanical brethren. Not only did the Oysterquartz have a unique movement but the stainless steel case design and bracelet were specific to the watch, being used for only a tiny production run of mechanical watches otherwise exclusively on the Oysterquartz.

So sturdy was the Oysterquartz that is accompanied Reinhold Messner to Everest and Wally Herbert on two arctic expeditions. 

This 17000 model was produced in 2001 and comes with the original punched papers and Rolex box, it is running exactly as it should be and keeping extremely accurate time. The watch is in excellent and unpolished original condition; it really is a very special example of an extremely rare watch.

 A future classic and an appreciating asset this the perfect combination of  style and sports watch and is one of the only Rolex models you are highly unlikely to see anyone else wearing.

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