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The Rolex Oysterquartz was introduced in the early 1970’s, using a Beta 21 movement, it was outrageously expensive and used the latest quartz technology, the same movement was deployed by Omega and even Patek.

In 1977 the company released the 17000 Oysterquartz, with their own inhouse quartz movement, Although in production for 25 years Rolex made less than 25000 watches in total which by modern standards is a tiny production run. The watch was special not only because of its remarkable thermo-compensated quartz movement but also its remarkable case design with integral bracelet, a true design classic and the 35 mm stainless steel case wears extremely well. The case is rumoured to have been designed by Gerald Genta, the designer of the Audemars Royal Oak and the Patek Nautilus, a true design icon.

The 17000 and later 17013 Oysterquartz were produced to the highest standard and quality, actually to a much higher standard than their mechanical counterparts. They were the first Rolex to use a sapphire crystal and the unlike their mechanical brethren where accurate to 5 seconds per month (compared to 5 seconds per day for a similar Rolex chronometer automatic)

This particular example is more special than most, it is a ‘first generation’ 17000, made pre 1980 and with only Oysterquartz on the dial as opposed to the later ‘superlative chronometer’ examples.

Condition of this piece is such that I doubt a finer example can be found , and it comes with the correct first generation box (in itself an incredibly hard item to find) and correct booklets along with service card from Swiss Tec the UK vintage specialist

Prices of these watches have climbed over recent years but these still remain incredible value  although with  limited supply and awareness increasing examples such as this are certain to increase in value significantly in the future so for anyone seeking a great vintage Rolex with eye catching design and super investment potential I cant think of a better piece

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