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These mark l Great Whites pieces are, to my mind, the very best versions of the Sea Dwellers and as they were only produced for a very short period of time immediately after the single red seadweller  in 1977/ 1978 rare in any condition, and this example is amongst the best available.

The development of the Sea Dweller which evolved from the Submariner as a direct result of the collaboration with French deep sea diving company COMEX just screams authenticity and I love it for that reason. The Submariner had already carved a place in history as the definitive dive watch, but then Rolex just went and made it better!

The result was to take an icon in dive watches and develop the first commercially produced helium escape valve enabling this watch to be the first to gain a depth rating of 600m+ (2000ft). Rolex understood the mechanics of diving to such great depths and how that affected the inner workings of a watch. These were literally, uncharted waters for not just watch makers, but human beings!  The increased domed crystal and increased thickness of the marine grade steel was just the final dressing for what was, indisputably, the creation of a legend.

And here it is now, sat on my desk (at sea level!) challenging me to send it on its way. Having worn it on a few occasions i can testify to the subtle differences of the Sea Dweller from the Sub. A slightly prouder profile and a little more substantial on the wrist. A fine hint of the practical tool about it and an insistence on use rather than fashion. The fact it remained practically unchanged for 30 years after being created should tell you everything you need to know about the Sea Dweller from a design and construction point of view. Why change something that pretty much invented the concept of 'doing the job'.

It will live at a dinner party or conference venue. it will glide effortlessly through corridors of power or international travel. But really this is a watch that wants to be sat in a decompression chamber at 2000 ft with men of action, ready to take on the most extreme environments imaginable. 

Not only is the watch in absolutely time warp condition but comes with an itemised Rolex service receipt and service guarantee card dated January 2018.

During the service the client bought a brand new correct 93150 bracelet which the watch will be supplied on ,the total cost of the service and bracelet was £1750.00

This is an opportunity to purchase and undisputed vintage Icon that will have the reliability of a modern watch 

This piece is in stock and ready for worldwide shipping.

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