About this watch

Here we have a true iconic divers watch built by Rolex to perform under the rigors of very high pressure deep dives .The Seadweller was first designed for the divers at Comex and was quickly adopted by many of professional divers .

This piece from c 1977 still has the original dial ,hands and bezel so highly prized by collectors of vintage sports watches ,this watch hasn't been kept in a drawer all its life and as such shows some of its age the bezel has faded to the highly prized pale grey (ghosted) in places and the pearl has been lost ,I can have the pearl replaced if required but in this instance I felt originality was paramount .

The watch 40 mm stainless steel case is fitted to the original Rolex 93150 stainless steel bracelet

I am pleased also that this watch was overhauled mechanically by Alex Photo of Perpetual time in Liverpool and so comes with  the balance of his 12 month guarantee

Possibly the best value vintage sea dweller in the country today delivered in a vintage Rolex box

Coming from 1977 this piece is also possibly the coolest 40th Birthday gift and a great investment

our stock number 449

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