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A grail watch is a term often used as are the words rare and desirable but with this piece I think all of them would be suitable as this is a piece that may just be the unicorn among Sea-Dwellers but before we get to that let me give you some background, The watch came to me from a lifelong friend of the previous owner who has sadly passed ,both of these guys had been career saturation divers and as you will see from the accompanying dive logs (which will come with the watch) had  frequently worked for Comex as contractors ,This is important to me because this watch has done the job it was meant to ,its been the daily watch of someone who wore it to work, it just so happened his place of work was invariably the bottom of some ocean.

Its been well documented that the MK0 dial is so scarce its often referred to as a prototype and what we have here is a truly outstanding example and I can only hope our images show the stunning condition and colour of the original lume.

This isn’t a perfect safe queen and for me its all the better for it ,the case shows some expected signs of usage and I suspect the hands  may have been changed at some point over its circa 45 year life as has the oyster bracelet however I can forgive all of that for something that actually according to all previous findings shouldn’t exist I say that as all previous MK0 dials have been found fitted to cases in the 5 million range starting around 1977 the example I am delighted to have found has a serial number 4135XXX and as you will see the correct earlier case back design ,making this the earliest known example to come to market and one that has already sparked interest and debate among more experienced experts than myself, among opinions as the serial range hasn’t been seen previously are that this could be a pure fluke and that Rolex fitted a MK0 dial during a very early service in the 1970’s sadly none of this can be proven as Rolex records are not accessible however all theories are there to be challenged and all information I have to rely on tells me this is the configuration that the watch was originally supplied in  and as such it’s a remarkably important example.


Following conversations with collectors throughout the world I have been in contact with Jerome at watch my watch France who has written a short piece detailing the existence of other MK 0 pieces with a 4 million serial number which helps to question the original theory that these pieces are only found with a 5million serial


The automatic movement has just been fully serviced and so this stunning piece is now as reliable as any modern Rolex.

This a superb example of one of the rarest sea-dwellers ever produced and yet a watch you could wear daily ,what could be better .

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