About this watch

The Sea dweller “triple six” was produced between 1978 and 1988. This stunning example is amongst the last produced and has the magnificent MK V Bicchierini dial and the original tritium on the dial has aged to unique honey colour.

Rolex collectors have now recognized that whilst the gloss finish on the earliest gloss dials developed the crazing or spider pattern due to a fault in the process the later versions actually age very differently and many are showing the gloss fading to a Matt finish which coupled with the white gold surrounds to the hour markers gives a very special look that will continue to develop over the coming years .

Although amazing in its own right, the dial is not the only exceptional feature of this piece. The watch has the added benefit of having a completely new service case so unless you can find an example of this watch from the late 1980’s that has been unworn I am confident that this example is the best available.

As a personal preference I wear these sports watches not on the steel bracelet but on as with this example a fine quality Alligator strap finished with an original Rolex buckle, although an unworn correct steel bracelet is available separately.

This is an exceptionally good looking Rolex Sea-dweller and one I know I will regret parting with so be quick as the longer I have it the more attached to it I become!

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