About this watch

The Submariner is considered to be one of the all-time greats in the watch world. It’s a Model that has aged just as good as the Porsche 911 has over the years. This is a rare and sought after mid 60’s reference 5513. The stainless steel case back is stamped 111/64 confirming this date.

The watch features and amazing Gilt dial with a warm patina. Some dials of this period have aged to form what is called by collectors a starburst effect just as this stunning example has, This effect changes in different light conditions and one is highly prized and absolutely original and unique to each piece.

The automatic 17 jewel cal 1530 movement looks and performs exactly as it should.

The watch is fitted to a Rolex 7206 rivetted bracelet

For anyone looking for a vintage 5513 that is absolutely unique you need look no further

Our stock number 6055