About this watch

I am delighted to have another very special Rolex to offer .

This Explorer dial 5513 is one of the most highly prized collectable Rolex watches and auction prices can easily exceed £200,000 such is the demand 

So to be able to offer a watch in this remarkable condition is rare for anyone but then to be able to offer one with its original Rolex Guarantee and service booklet dated July 1966 and signed by the UK supplying dealer along with the original Rolex brochure showing the Rolex submariner offered with the explorer dial on the correct bracelet  ,Interestingly the price has been amended in the brochure to £83 10 shillings the price I assume the original and only owner this exceptional watch has had would have paid for it.

The original Rolex bracelet is date stamped 2/64

Also included with this piece are a collection of images showing the owner wearing his watch through different decades

A true find of a lifetime and a worthy addition to any serious collection

Our stock number 6076