About this watch

These remarkably attractive watches were introduced by Rotary in the early 1960’s, they were high end pieces made to the best quality by Rotary, who were at the time a top shelf manufacturer.

These are amongst the most attractive divers’ watches of the period, the matt black dial with gorgeous luminous markers, the dial on this example is amongst the best we have ever seen, and the luminous material has turned a gorgeous honey patina.

The watch is substantial, being just over 36 mm in width and wears very well. The watch runs on an automatic movement, which is in perfect condition and is working exactly as it should,

These period divers’ watches are becoming highly collectible and this example is superb, the rotating bezel is one of the best I have seen and matches the dial perfectly, it is simply wonderful.

This is as durable and wearable as any modern high end divers watch but is set apart from the crowd as you will not see another one on anyone’s wrist.

The watch is fitted to a quality leather sports strap

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