About this watch

Omega Seamaster 120 ‘baby ploprof’
The Seamaster 120 was introduced in the early 1970’s as a semi professional alternative to the famous Omega Seamaster 600 ‘ploprof’ and later the Seamaster 1000. The 120 was a true sports divers watch, extremely well made and very versatile in both design and construction.

There are a great many ‘re-manufactured’ versions of these watches, made up from service parts using donor movements. This example is 100% original and is showing the true colours of a life as a ‘tool watch’

The 1000 series movement is in excellent (1010) is running strongly and keeping good time, there is no loss of plating and it has an excellent power reserve.

The dial has a wonderful honey patina to the lume, the hands are original and nicely aged and the case is original and not refinished ,although the bezel l is showing some delamination it is original and doesn't spoil the watch

These watches are becoming very collectible and prices are rising steadily, especially for factory build original examples, which this one is. There are very few original Seamaster 120’s on the market at the moment so grab this one whilst you can, when its gone its gone.

As with many of our pieces this has just been fully serviced by Omega expert SImon Freese and comes fully guaranteed

Stock Number 403