About this watch

During the 1960’s and 1970’s the Squale watch company were amongst the top manufacturers of divers watches around the world. Along with producing their own watches (which are still in production and highly sought after today) they endorsed other companies with their famous ‘Squale’ brand, but these companies needed to submit watches for testing which withstood their own stringent test.

This period also saw the introduction of ‘divers’ chronographs, sports watches designed for enthusiasts which were between 50 and 200 meters water resistant and designed to be rugged and usable. Many manufacturers produced watches of this nature, amongst the most famous brands such as Rotary, who produced the Aqua plunge and Omega who produced the Seamaster 120 ‘Big Blue’.

Among'st these coveted watches where a handful of Squale chronographs, produced in very small numbers and here we give you such an example. This watch is an extremely rare double branded Squale chronograph, designed to be water resistant to 200M. The dial is the standout item on the watch, unlike so many of the period being designed for diving with high visibility, a demand of a ‘Squale’ watch and what sets this watch out from the crowd.

These watches are true style pieces, functional as a tool watch but also very wearable and as a result have since become very fashionable and collectible and this really is one of the rarest and nicest examples we have ever seen, a must have for the sportsman or collector alike.

This example displays all the characteristics of a quality dive watch from the period including a 38 mm solid stainless steel case and a true workhorse movement in this case the Landeron 248

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