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I am delighted to be able to offer you this extremely rare and highly collectible piece.

This watch is part of the prototype series of Hard Metal watches produced by Omega/ Tissot between 1965 and 1975. The watch never went in to production however there are a handful of examples in private collections and two on display in the Omega museum.

The watch was developed as part of the series which culminated in the launch of the Omega ‘Vader’ and ‘Skywalker’ Chronographs (running 861 movements) which were produced for the Asian and European markets. Omega made very few of these special chronographs and as such their value is only exceeded by early Speedmasters, they are amongst the rarest of Omega Chronograph models.

The development of these watches was a real land mark in technological case development, Omega sought to make a case that was impervious to scratches and as such, after dozens of failed attempts, they produced a stainless-steel case that was then tungsten coated and has a resistance of Vickers 2000, the only thing that could scratch the case was a diamond.

Following the 861 chronographs Omega began experimentation with a series of other hard metal watches, which included collaborations with Tissot (who Omega owned at the time under SSIH). Over the course of five years Omega made around 80 prototypes of which a handful escaped the factory, this is one. Their experimentation in various case materials led to the 1980 release of the Tulip or Cermut, a steel/ black ceramic watch, which although a technological marvel was released at a time when Omega was on the brink of collapse and as such was not well made or successful commercially.

The example we bring to you dates to approximately 1974/5, it is houses an F300 Omega movement in a tungsten case (identical to the one on display at Omega) but with a Tissot branded dial. This case was used with a range of movements which included the F300 tuning fork, calibre 1341 and Megaquartz, some branded Omega, some Tissot and some with unbranded SSIH dials.

The watch is in perfect condition, it has a two-piece steel cases which is tungsten coated and shows no damage or wear. It is supplied on an original period peccary rally band.

This is a unique opportunity to buy a very special and very rare watch you will not see on anyone else’s wrist or in any other collection. It has all the benefits of a unique prototype but with a movement which is repairable and serviceable.

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