About this watch

This really does offer you everything you could possibly want in a vintage piece ,the 34 mm stainless steel case is perfectly wearable today and has great wrist presence

The dial on this watch is the standout feature ,Black dials are highly prized in any piece but when you find a Black "waffle " or crosshatch dial decorated with Gold arrow head markers and gold hands like this piece has it is truly exceptional .As you would expect on an original piece like this from c 1958 the dial has some slight patination under certain light but this only helps to demonstrate its originality.

Another nice feature on these early date watches is the roulette date wheel which alternates between red and black for each day.

This great watch shares many components with its famous big brother Rolex such as the Rolex oyster case ,Rolex crown and for this example it even has its original Rolex signed riveted stainless steel bracelet a highly desirable thing on its own .

A great piece and one sure to gain praise wherever its worn.

Our stock number 891